Switchboard Upgrades

How do I know if I need a switchboard upgrade?

The most common reasons for requiring a switchboard upgrade is because your current switchboard is too old, or because it can’t support the electrical load from a recent appliance installation.

For example, if you have an air conditioner installed or if you have converted from a gas stove to an electric stove, you may need to check if your switchboard can take the extra electrical load.

 AAP Electrical Services can inspect and upgrade your switchboard

As licensed electricians, we are qualified to perform certified electrical maintenance, repairs and full switchboard upgrades. You can have confidence that we’ll perform a thorough job, updating your old switchboard to the highest quality, compliance and safety standards.

What signs and symptoms should I watch out for?

If you’ve noticed flickering lights, if you keep experiencing power outages or if the energy consumption in your house has increased (due to new electrical installations), you may need an upgrade. You should always check with your local electrician if you’re concerned or unsure.

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